SportsTraq is a universal GPS Line Marking & Auto-Steer solution designed to retro fit on to any existing vehicle.

SportsTraq offers easy to learn iPad software coupled with intuitive joystick controls that fits your current utility tractor, UTV, or garden tractor.  Forget those long, labor intensive days of manually laying out the field before line striping it. No more searching for reference points, measuring, squaring and stringing the lines. The SportsTraq does all the work for you. Simply position the machine on the field, and then select the field type from the list of pre-programed fields on your I-Pad. Go to the provided coordinates on the I-Pad and just hit the GO button, sit back and relax. The SportsTraq machine will automatically begin striping. Minutes later your field will be completely and perfectly lined with sub-inch precision. Name and save the field layout on your I-Pad and next season you are immediately ready to start painting, no set up required.

Easy adjustments to the field can be made on the fly. SportsTraq can quickly move, rotate, resize, and add lines to a field if needed. The Traqnology GPS software is simple and easy to use. Changes like these can be easily accomplished in minutes.

Not only can you paint fast, SportsTraq offers scalability to do more! Mow, aerify, seed, snow removal and much more.

SportsTraq features an easy to use iPad Interface coupled with sub-inch accuracy & year-over-year repeatability.  SportsTraq offers Superior line quality utilizing our universal airless high-pressure painting system PaintTraq 500.SportsTraq is Fast!  Paint at high speed, up to 9 MPH and our paint delivery systems work with ANY brand of paint.

Traqnology backs SportsTraq with industry leading Technical Support!  

Call for Pricing:  847.508.2531

System Includes:  Sportstraq Line marking steering kit, Sportstraq iPad app, MDU Kit, ECU, Joystick, wiring harness, Smart7 RTK GPS receiver.  Auto paint on/off.  

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Sportstraq GPS Line Marking - Full System Electronics - CALL FOR PRICING

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